**** KEVIN HARDER ****


Howdy. I'm Kevin. I'm a father, husband, a software engineer & geek. I'm originally from Florida and have been living in Austin, Texas, since 2010. I'm also:

  • someone who loves to learn about everything and is inquisitive about the universe
  • a space and science buff
  • a fan of BBQ, good beer, Gators, and pumpkins
  • a collector of vintage computers and devices that have nostalgic appeal to me

I have a personal web site that I sometimes maintain at KevinHarder.com, and in the past have blogged there. I am interested in federated decentralized social and content networks, exploring how to evolve the internet from islands of content and gated social sites to something better. But you can also find me on the major centralized social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

My wife and I run a community puzzle exchange in Austin at AustinPuzzles.com. I am using the Harder.DEV brand for consulting and open source development.


I am a hands-on technical leader who loves to solve difficult problems, grow and mentor engineers, and learn new things. I have built and led a wide variety of software projects in multiple industries. You can view my full professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

I am currently a principal software engineer at eBay, working in the TCGplayer org. Previously, I was an engineering architect at Instructure (the makers of Canvas LMS), an engineering manager at Square on the Orders team, and at Indeed.com building products that helped people get jobs.

Prior to that, I spent five years building the modern SaaS e-commerce platform Kibo Commerce from scratch, which was formerly known as Mozu. Before that I worked at Dell where I built a new search platform for Dell.com, and at Telligent where I developed enterprise social collaboration software such as Community Server and Graffiti CMS.