Kevin Harder


Howdy. I'm a technologist who loves to solve difficult problems and learn new things. Over the past 19 years I've built and managed a wide variety of software projects in multiple industries. I enjoy growing, mentoring, and leading teams as much as I like architecting nimble solutions to challenging projects. You can view my full professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

I am an engineering manager in the Indeed Incubator, an internal new product accelerator at Indeed charged with pioneering new product ideas and assessing their viability through fast launches and empirical learning. I'm currently focusing on the new Indeed Text2Apply product, which allows job seekers to easily apply via text message to job openings.

Previously, I spent five years building the modern SaaS e-commerce platform Kibo Commerce, which was formerly known as Mozu. Before that I worked at Dell where I built a new search platform for, and at Telligent where I developed enterprise social collaboration software such as Community Server and Graffiti CMS.


I live in the beautiful and fun city of Austin, Texas. I'm a father; a geek; someone who loves to learn about everything and is inquisitive about the universe; a former Floridian; an aspiring runner; a space buff; a fan of pumpkins, BBQ, Gators, and beer.

I have a personal web site that I sometimes maintain at My wife and I run a community puzzle exchange in Austin at I am using the Harder.DEV brand for consulting and open source development.